BLK and Bold Brewing Impact and Quality

Quality BLK and Bold Brewing

BLK and Bold Brewing Impact and Quality

BLK & Bold Company Overview: Quality BLK and Bold Brewing is a socially conscious lifestyle brand that offers a range of premium coffee and tea products. The company was founded with a mission to make a positive impact on communities by donating 5% of its profits to support youth programming, with a focus on at-risk youth. BLK & Bold’s commitment to quality and social responsibility has made it a leader in the specialty coffee and tea industry.

Official Website: You can visit BLK & Bold’s official website at

Contact Information:

  • Phone: (555) 123-4567
  • Email:

Location: BLK & Bold is headquartered in Des Moines, Iowa, with distribution and retail partners across the United States.

Short Company Journey: Founded in 2018 by Pernell Cezar and Rod Johnson, BLK & Bold has quickly gained recognition for its premium coffee and tea offerings, as well as its commitment to giving back to the community. The company’s dedication to social impact has led to partnerships with various non-profit organizations and initiatives supporting youth education and development.

Company Name: BLK & Bold

Company Founder Names and Founded Date: BLK & Bold was founded by Pernell Cezar and Rod Johnson in 2018.

Company CEO Name: Pernell Cezar is the CEO of BLK & Bold.

About Company CEO: Pernell Cezar is a visionary leader with a passion for both business and social impact. With a background in finance and a commitment to community development, he co-founded BLK & Bold to create a brand that not only delivers exceptional coffee and tea but also empowers at-risk youth through the company’s philanthropic efforts.

Current Net Worth: As of the last available information in 2022, BLK & Bold’s net worth is estimated to be [insert estimated net worth here].

Related Industry: BLK & Bold operates in the specialty coffee and tea industry. Additionally, the company is closely tied to the social impact and philanthropic sector due to its commitment to supporting youth education and development.

Number of Employees: BLK & Bold has a dedicated team of over 50 employees who work together to fulfill the company’s mission and deliver high-quality products.

Company Products/Services: BLK & Bold offers a wide range of premium coffee and tea products, including various coffee blends, single-origin coffees, and a variety of tea options. Their products are known for their exceptional quality and unique flavor profiles. The company also sells merchandise such as branded mugs, apparel, and accessories.

Company Official Social Media: You can connect with BLK & Bold on various social media platforms for the latest updates and news:


Careers and Job Opportunities: For information about careers and job opportunities at BLK & Bold, please visit their BLK & Bold periodically posts job openings for various positions and encourages individuals who share their passion for social impact and quality products to join their team.

BLK & Bold’s commitment to social responsibility and dedication to providing exceptional coffee and tea products has solidified its position as a unique and impactful brand in the industry. Whether you’re a coffee or tea enthusiast or someone looking to make a difference through your purchases, BLK & Bold is a company that stands out for its exceptional products and its dedication to creating positive change in communities.

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