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Biography Of  Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman is an iconic Australian-American actress, producer, and singer, known for her versatile acting skills, striking beauty, and captivating on-screen presence. Born on June 20, 1967, in Honolulu, Hawaii, Nicole Mary Kidman is a prominent figure in the entertainment industry, with a career spanning several decades. Her journey from a young aspiring actress in Australia to becoming a Hollywood superstar is nothing short of remarkable.

Nationality / Citizenship: Nicole Kidman is a dual citizen of both Australia and the United States. She was born in the United States but spent most of her upbringing in Australia, and she later became a naturalized U.S. citizen.

Education: Kidman attended Lane Cove Public School and North Sydney Girls’ High School in Sydney, Australia. Her interest in acting developed at an early age, leading her to study drama at the Philip Street Theatre.

Degree: Nicole Kidman pursued her passion for acting without obtaining a formal degree.

Birth Place: She was born in Honolulu, Hawaii, but was raised in Sydney, Australia.

Original Name: Her full birth name is Nicole Mary Kidman.

Caste: Nicole Kidman’s caste is not publicly known, as caste is not typically discussed in Australia.

Ethnicity: She is of primarily Scottish and Irish descent.

Nick Name: Nicole Kidman is often simply referred to as “Nicole” by her fans and colleagues.

Horoscope / Kundli / Zodiac Sign: Her zodiac sign is Gemini.

Phone No / Mobile No: Personal contact information is not available to the public for privacy reasons.

Age: Nicole Kidman is 56 years old.

Date of Birth: She was born on June 20, 1967.

Marriage / Wedding Date: Nicole Kidman has been married twice. Her first marriage was to actor Tom Cruise on December 24, 1990, and her second marriage is to country singer Keith Urban on June 25, 2006.

Marital Status: She is currently married to Keith Urban and has been since 2006.

Personal Website: Nicole Kidman has an official website where fans can find information about her career, projects, and charitable endeavors.

Height: She stands at a height of approximately 5 feet 11 inches (180 cm).

Weight: Her weight fluctuates for various roles, but it is usually around 58 kg (128 lbs).

Hair Color: Nicole Kidman is known for her iconic red hair, although she has occasionally dyed it for roles.

Eye Color: Her eyes are blue.

Father’s Name: Her father’s name is Dr. Antony David Kidman, a clinical psychologist.

Mother’s Name: Her mother’s name is Janelle Ann Kidman, who is a nursing instructor.

Brother: She has a younger sister named Antonia Kidman, who is a journalist and TV presenter.

Sister: In addition to Antonia, Nicole Kidman has a younger brother named James Kidman.

Husband: Her first husband was Tom Cruise, a well-known actor. Her second and current husband is Keith Urban, a country singer.

Children: Nicole Kidman has two adopted children with Tom Cruise, Isabella and Connor Cruise. She also has two biological daughters with Keith Urban, Sunday Rose and Faith Margaret Kidman Urban.

Boyfriends and Linkups / Affairs: Nicole Kidman’s romantic life has been a subject of interest in the media.

Prior to her marriage to Tom Cruise, she had a few relationships. After her divorce from Cruise, she began dating and later married Keith Urban. Beyond that, her private affairs are not widely disclosed.

First Movie Name: Nicole Kidman’s debut film was “Bush Christmas” in 1983, where she played the role of Helen.

Net Worth: Nicole Kidman’s estimated net worth was around $250 million. However, her net worth may have changed since then due to her continued successful acting career and various business ventures.

Houses & Villas: Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban own several properties around the world, including homes in Los Angeles, Nashville, and Australia. Details of these properties may vary and change over time.

Movies, Albums, Endorsements, Awards, and More: Nicole Kidman’s career is filled with numerous accomplishments. She has appeared in a wide range of films, including “Moulin Rouge!,” “The Hours,” “Eyes Wide Shut,” “Cold Mountain,” and “Big Little Lies” (TV series). She has received multiple awards, including an Academy Award for her role in “The Hours,” and has been nominated for numerous others.

Nicole Kidman’s talent, beauty, and dedication to her craft have made her one of the most respected and celebrated actresses in the world. Her impact on the entertainment industry continues to be felt, and she remains a beloved figure in both Australia and Hollywood.


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