Clinical Trials Excellence Velocity Clinical Research Accelerates

Clinical Trials Excellence Velocity Clinical Research Accelerates

Velocity Clinical Research Accelerating Excellence in Clinical Trials

Company Overview

Velocity Clinical Research stands at the forefront of advancing clinical trials, dedicated to bringing innovation and efficiency to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. With a commitment to excellence and a focus on expediting the drug development process, Velocity has become a trusted partner for organizations seeking to bring life-changing therapies to market.

Official Website and Contact Information

Official Website:?

Contact Information:

  • Headquarters:?300 E. Main St., Suite 300, Durham, NC, United States, North Carolina
  • Phone:?+1 919-926-1804
  • Email:?

Short Company Journey

Founded with a vision to revolutionize the clinical research landscape, Velocity Clinical Research embarked on its journey in?2017. Since then, the company has consistently demonstrated its capabilities in conducting efficient and reliable clinical trials, earning the trust of clients globally.

Company Details

  • Company Name:?Velocity Clinical Research
  • Founder:?Paul Evans
  • Founded:?2017
  • CEO:?Paul Evans

About the CEO

Paul Evans, the visionary leader at the helm of Velocity Clinical Research, brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the company. With a proven track record in the pharmaceutical and clinical research sectors,?Paul Evans is dedicated to driving Velocity's mission of accelerating the development of groundbreaking treatments.

Current Net Worth

As of?2023, Velocity Clinical Research has achieved a commendable net worth, reflecting its success and financial stability in the competitive clinical research industry.

Related Industry

Specializing in clinical research, Velocity operates in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sector, contributing significantly to the advancement of medical science and healthcare.

Number of Employees

Velocity Clinical Research takes pride in its diverse and skilled workforce, comprising professionals who share a passion for advancing clinical trials. The company's success is a testament to the dedication and expertise of its team members.


Velocity offers a comprehensive range of services to support the entire clinical trial lifecycle. From protocol development and patient recruitment to data management and regulatory submissions, the company provides end-to-end solutions that streamline the drug development process.

Company Official Social Media

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Careers and Job Opportunities

Velocity Clinical Research is always on the lookout for talented individuals to join its dynamic team. Explore exciting career opportunities and contribute to groundbreaking clinical research. Visit the?Careers?section? the official website for current job openings and information on how to apply.

Velocity Clinical Research continues to drive innovation in clinical trials, contributing to the development of new and improved treatments. With a visionary leadership team, a dedicated workforce, and a commitment to excellence, Velocity stands as a key player in advancing healthcare solutions for a better future.

Velocity Clinical Research?Reviews & Ratings ? What Employees and Clients Think and Say ?

Google Reviews:

  • Overall rating:?3.2 out of 5 stars?based on over 100 reviews.
  • Positive aspects mentioned include:?convenient location,?friendly staff,?organized process,?and positive impact of research.
  • Negative aspects mentioned include:?communication issues,?long wait times,?lack of follow-up,?and dissatisfaction with compensation.

Trustpilot Reviews:

  • Overall rating:?3.9 out of 5 stars?based on over 300 reviews.
  • Positive aspects mentioned include:?professionalism,?helpful staff,?clear communication,?and positive research experience.
  • Negative aspects mentioned include:?minor administrative issues and lack of diversity in research studies.

Glassdoor Reviews:

  • Overall rating:?3.0 out of 5 stars?based on over 55 reviews from employees.
  • Positive aspects mentioned include:?work environment,?career opportunities,?and competitive compensation.
  • Negative aspects mentioned include:?workload,?work-life balance,?and management issues.

Yelp Reviews:

  • Overall rating:?4.0 out of 5 stars?based on a few reviews.
  • Positive aspects mentioned include:?friendly and helpful staff,?clean facilities,?and positive impact of research.
  • Negative aspects mentioned include:?none significant.

Sitejabber Reviews:

  • Overall rating:?4.2 out of 5 stars?based on a few reviews.
  • Positive aspects mentioned include:?positive research experience,?supportive staff,?and convenient location.
  • Negative aspects mentioned include:?none significant.


Velocity Clinical Research receives generally positive reviews online, with higher ratings on Trustpilot and Sitejabber compared to Google and Glassdoor. Positive mentions often highlight the staff's professionalism and helpfulness, the positive impact of research, and the overall research experience. Negative mentions tend to focus on communication issues, long wait times, and administrative issues.

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