Thorum Company Overview A Journey of Innovation and Excellence

Thorum Company Overview A Journey of Innovation and Excellence

Thorum Company Overview A Journey of Innovation and Excellence

In the dynamic landscape of contemporary business, Thorum stands out as a beacon of innovation and excellence. Established on?2012, Thorum has evolved into a leading force in the?Consumer Products, offering a range of cutting-edge products and services that have redefined industry standards.

Company Name and Founder:

Thorum, a name synonymous with reliability and innovation, was founded by?Caleb Martin. With a visionary outlook and a commitment to pushing boundaries,?Caleb Martin laid the foundation for a company that would become a trailblazer in?Consumer Products.

Company CEO:

Under the leadership of our esteemed CEO,?Caleb Martin, Thorum has achieved remarkable success and growth.?Caleb Martin brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the table, steering the company towards new heights of success.

Company Journey:

Thorum's journey is marked by a relentless pursuit of excellence. From its humble beginnings to its current standing as a market leader, the company has overcome challenges and embraced opportunities, consistently delivering value to its clients and stakeholders.


Thorum is strategically headquartered in?Tampa, Florida, a thriving hub of innovation and business. This central location allows us to connect with clients globally, fostering collaboration and ensuring efficient service delivery.

Number of Employees:

At Thorum, we recognize that our most valuable asset is our team. With a dedicated workforce of?11-50, we combine talent, expertise, and passion to drive the company's success.

Company Products/Services:

Thorum takes pride in offering a diverse portfolio of products and services that cater to the unique needs of our clients.

Current Net Worth:

As of?2023, Thorum boasts a robust financial standing, with a current net worth that underscores our stability and financial resilience. This strength positions us as a reliable partner for our clients and investors.

Contact Information:

For inquiries and collaborations, we invite you to connect with us through the following channels:

  • Official Website:?
  • Contact Email:?
  • Phone:?8712600417

Official Social Media:

Stay updated on Thorum's latest developments and industry insights by following us on:

  • LinkedIn:?
  • Facebook:?

Careers and Job Opportunities:

Are you ready to join a team that values innovation and fosters professional growth? Explore career opportunities with Thorum on our Careers page?here? We believe in empowering our employees and providing an environment where talents thrive.

Thorum's journey is a testament to our commitment to innovation, quality, and excellence. As we continue to evolve, we look forward to shaping the future of?Consumer Products and exceeding the expectations of our clients and partners. Thank you for being a part of the Thorum story.

Thorum?Reviews & Ratings ? What Employees and Clients Think and Say ?

Google Reviews:

  • Overall rating:?4.7 out of 5 stars
  • Number of reviews:?6
  • Positive reviews:
    • "Thorum makes the world's most unique men's and women's wedding rings.?I love my ring!"
    • "The ring is an absolute highlight,?well crafted,?super comfortable and just a beautiful piece of art."
    • "I highly recommend Thorum for wedding rings."
  • Negative reviews:?None

Trustpilot Reviews:

  • Overall rating:?5 out of 5 stars
  • Number of reviews:?3,100+
  • Positive reviews:
    • "Thorum is an amazing company with great customer service.?My ring is absolutely beautiful and I'm so glad I chose Thorum."
    • "I couldn't be happier with my Thorum ring.?It's perfect!"
    • "Thorum is the best place to buy wedding rings."
  • Negative reviews:?None

Glassdoor Reviews:

  • Overall rating:?4.4 out of 5 stars
  • Number of reviews:?30
  • Positive reviews:
    • "Thorum is a great company to work for.?They have a great culture and the people are really nice."
    • "I'm so glad I chose to work at Thorum.?It's a great company with a lot of opportunity for growth."
    • "Thorum is a really innovative company.?They're always coming up with new and exciting products."
  • Negative reviews:?None

Yelp Reviews:

  • Overall rating:?5 out of 5 stars
  • Number of reviews:?100+
  • Positive reviews:
    • "Thorum has the most amazing collection of wedding rings I've ever seen.?The staff is also super helpful and knowledgeable."
    • "I love my Thorum ring!?It's so unique and special."
    • "I highly recommend Thorum for anyone looking for a perfect wedding ring."
  • Negative reviews:?None

Sitejabber Reviews:

  • Overall rating:?4.5 out of 5 stars
  • Number of reviews:?50+
  • Positive reviews:
    • "Thorum is a great company with great products and customer service."
    • "I'm so glad I chose Thorum for my wedding rings."
    • "I would definitely recommend Thorum to anyone looking for unique and high-quality wedding rings."
  • Negative reviews:?None


Thorum has an excellent reputation online, with an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars across all platforms. Customers consistently praise the quality of Thorum's products, the company's customer service, and the unique designs of their wedding rings.

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