Discover the Best Sushi in Seattle

When an unbeatable sushi craving hits, here are the Best Sushi in Seattle to discover the tastiest rolls, nigiri, and omakase experiences.

Discover the Best Sushi in Seattle

As a coastal city with a major port, Seattle boasts incredible seafood and world-class sushi. From historic establishments to trendy new spots, there are plenty of options for excellent raw fish creations across the city. When an unbeatable sushi craving hits, here are the Best Sushi in Seattle to discover the tastiest rolls, nigiri, and omakase experiences.

Best Sushi in Seattle

Shiro?s Sushi ? Belltown

For many Seattleites, Shiro?s Sushi is the undisputed king of local sushi joints. Chef Shiro Kashiba serves creative nigiri and rolls in an intimate, 10-seat counter setting. Watch Shiro and his team work as you enjoy exquisite fish sourced from around the world. Everything prepared with Shiro?s signature tender texture and bright flavors. Make reservations far in advance, as there?s always a waitlist.

Mashiko ? West Seattle

West Seattle hideaway Mashiko serves inventive sushi in a quaint, laid-back setting. Chef Hajime Sato prepares an omakase menu using seasonal ingredients. Opt for the 9 or 12 course omakase for the full experience. Mashiko?s unconventional rolls like the Virginia Ham Roll with prosciutto and basil wow diners nightly. Even basic nigiri tastes elevated by the fresh, high-quality seafood.

Wataru ? Madison Park

For a cozy date night spot, visit charming Wataru managed by chef Taichi Kitamura. The understated restaurant excels in both traditional and specialty rolls. Highlights include their tuna flight featuring lean cuts from three parts of the fish. There?s always perfectly marbled Hokkaido-style sushi as well. Don?t skip Wataru?s enticing appetizers either, like seared shishito peppers with ponzu.

Sushi Kashiba ? International District

Legendary chef Shiro Kashiba first made his name at Sushi Kashiba, which continues thriving today under new ownership. Sit at the traditional sushi bar for an authentic Edomae-style experience, complete with green tea service. Everything from plump toro to lightly fried gizzard shad exemplify the fresh, simple approach here. Weekday lunch specials offer more budget-friendly introductions to their sushi.

Miyabi 45th ? Best Sushi in Seattle

With its serene interior and kind service, Miyabi 45th provides a relaxing neighborhood sushi retreat. Their signature rolls include wonderful combos like the Cherry Blossom with tuna, avocado and shellfish salad. Daily specials might include lightly torched salmon belly or delicate Hokkaido scallop sashimi. They also serve amazing chirashi rice bowls topped with flower-shaped arrangements of sashimi.

Maneki ? International District

Operating since 1904, Maneki holds the crown for Seattle?s oldest sushi restaurant. Strolling under the iconic red gate entrance transports diners back in time. Sit at the sushi bar to watch their expert chefs preparing traditional nigiri. Their menu spans expected classics like tuna and salmon alongside unique bites like pickled mackerel with miso. Don't leave without trying their Japanese fried chicken.

Kappo Sushi ? Belltown

For a refined omakase experience, indulge in the 10-seat chef?s counter at Kappo Sushi. Here you?ll sample the creations of chef Kenichi Nakano, from seasonal starters to nigiri showcasing the finest seafood. Opt for their indulgent ?Chef?s Choice? menu to enjoy top-tier offerings like Hokkaido uni, Japanese wagyu, and gentle olive flounder. The sleek space and personalized service make it a special night.

Musashi?s ? Best Sushi in Seattle

Musashi?s homey Wallingford location attracts a neighborhood crowd seeking top-notch sushi without pretense. Their menu covers all the classics, using quality fish sourced globally and locally when possible. Beyond nigiri, Musashi?s satisfies with their creative specialty rolls like the Green Machine with spicy tuna and cucumber. Pair your meal with their signature ginger martini for a perfect flavor combo.

Mashiko Hibachi Sushi ? Greenwood

Mashiko Hibachi Sushi lets you enjoy your sushi with dinner theater, thanks to the restaurant?s built-in hibachi grills. You can order straight sushi from their broad menu, or go for one of the steak, seafood or chicken hibachi combos paired with rice, salad and homemade miso. Kids love watching the chef?s dazzling hibachi skills at each table. Make reservations on weekends for the best seating.

Tsukushinbo ? International District

Family-owned Tsukushinbo has served traditional sushi in the ID for over 50 years. Slide into their large horseshoe sushi bar to observe the chefs at work. Their sushi and rolls stay faithful to classic techniques and ingredients. Fans rave over their tuna tartare, octopus sashimi and miso soup using family recipes. Tsukushinbo also offers great value for high quality fish.

Bamboo Sushi ? Best Sushi in Seattle

With locations downtown, in Belltown, and South Lake Union, Bamboo Sushi satisfies sustainable sushi cravings across the city. Their seafood obtains certification from Monterey Bay Aquarium?s Seafood Watch to ensure responsible sourcing. Creative specialty rolls change seasonally, like their popular Fiery Hipster roll topped with sriracha. Convenient quick-service format makes Bamboo a dependable everyday sushi choice.

I Love Sushi ? Multiple Locations

For fast-casual sushi on par with fine dining quality, hit up local mini-chain I Love Sushi. With several locations across Seattle, it?s easy to enjoy their admirable sushi rolls, nigiri and signature ?I Love Boats.? Their modern ambiance and affordable prices draw younger crowds seeking good sushi in a trendy atmosphere. Their happy hour deals make I Love Sushi an even greater value.

Seattle certainly isn?t lacking when it comes to incredible sushi. But now you have the inside scoop on the very best spots, whether you crave traditional nigiri or funky fusion rolls. From legacy sushi bars to new hot spots, there?s something for every sushi lover in this coastal city. Just come hungry and get ready to indulge in Seattle?s superb raw fish game.

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