Ken Fisher The Oracle of Finance

Ken Fisher The Oracle of Finance

Ken Fisher The Oracle of Finance

A Renowned Investor, Author, and Columnist

Ken Fisher is an American?billionaire investment analyst, author, and the founder and executive chairman of Fisher Investments, a fee-only financial adviser. Fisher's Forbes "Portfolio Strategy" column ran from 1984 to 2017, making him the longest continuously-running columnist in the magazine's history.

Early Life?and Education

Ken Fisher was born in San Francisco, California, on November 29, 1950. His father, Philip A. Fisher, was a renowned investor and author of the book "Common Stocks and Uncommon Profits" which significantly influenced Ken Fisher's investment philosophy. Fisher grew up in San Mateo, California, and attended Humboldt State University, where he earned a degree in economics in 1972.

Career Highlights

Ken Fisher founded Fisher Investments in 1979 with $250. Today, Fisher Investments is a leading fee-only money management firm with over $130 billion under management. Fisher Investments serves a diverse clientele, including large pension plans, endowments, foundations, and high net worth individuals worldwide.

Fisher is a renowned investor and financial commentator. He has authored 11 books on investing and personal finance, including "The Ten Roads to Riches," "Plan Your Prosperity," and "Debunkery." Fisher's books have been translated into multiple languages and have sold over 3 million copies worldwide.

Fisher is also a regular contributor to Forbes magazine, where he writes the "Portfolio Strategy" column. He has been featured in numerous publications, including The Wall Street Journal, Barron's, and The New York Times. Fisher is a frequent guest on financial news programs, including CNBC, Bloomberg TV, and Fox Business News.

Notable Work

Ken Fisher is best known for his contrarian investment philosophy, which advocates for buying stocks when they are out of favor and selling them when they are popular. Fisher's approach is based on the belief that investors are often overly emotional and make irrational decisions, which creates opportunities for those who are willing to take the opposite view.

Net Worth and Social Media Presence

Ken Fisher has an estimated net worth of $720 million. He is active on social media, with over 400,000 followers on Instagram and over 300,000 followers on Facebook.

Personal Life

Ken Fisher is married to Sherrilyn Fisher, and they have three children together. He is a passionate philanthropist, supporting numerous causes, including the Fisher Family Foundation, which provides grants to educational and medical organizations.


Ken Fisher has been involved in a few controversies throughout his career. In 2006, he was sued by an investor who alleged that Fisher had misled him about the risks of investing in Fisher Investments' funds. The lawsuit was settled out of court.

Charitable Work

Ken Fisher is a passionate philanthropist. He is the founder and chairman of the Fisher Family Foundation, which provides grants to educational and medical organizations. Fisher has also donated to numerous other causes, including the arts, the environment, and disaster relief.

Ken Fisher is a self-made billionaire who has achieved remarkable success in the world of finance. He is a renowned investor, author, and columnist, and he is a generous philanthropist. Fisher's contrarian investment philosophy has made him a controversial figure, but he is also a respected and admired investor. Fisher's legacy is one of innovation, contrarian thinking, and philanthropy.

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