Navigating Connectivity Cajun Broadband Overview

Navigating Connectivity Cajun Broadband Overview

Navigating Connectivity A Comprehensive Overview of Cajun Broadband

Company Overview:

Cajun Broadband is a leading player in the telecommunications industry, providing cutting-edge broadband services to communities across the region. Established with a commitment to delivering high-speed internet connectivity and top-notch customer service, the company has become a trusted name in the industry.

Official Website:

For detailed insights into Cajun Broadband's offerings, plans, and coverage, visit their official website at?

Contact Information:

  • Official Email:?
  • Customer Support:?
  • Phone:?+1 337-593-4778


Cajun Broadband is headquartered in?Broussard, LA, United States, Louisiana, strategically positioned to efficiently serve both urban and rural areas.

Short Company Journey:

Founded in?2017?by?Chris Disher, Cajun Broadband embarked on a journey to bridge the digital divide by providing reliable and high-speed internet services. The company's commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction has fueled its rapid growth and expansion.

Company Name:

Cajun Broadband

Company Founder:

Chris Disher

Founded Date:


Company CEO:

As of?2023,?Chris Disher serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Cajun Broadband.

About Company CEO:

Chris Disher?brings a wealth of experience in the telecommunications industry, having spearheaded numerous successful initiatives aimed at enhancing connectivity. Under?Chris Disher's leadership, Cajun Broadband continues to push the boundaries of technology to deliver unparalleled services to its customers.

Current Net Worth:

While specific financial details are not disclosed publicly, Cajun Broadband has consistently demonstrated financial stability, a testament to its sustainable business model.

Related Industry:

Cajun Broadband operates in the telecommunications and broadband services sector, contributing significantly to the advancement of digital infrastructure.

Number of Employees:

With a dedicated team of professionals, Cajun Broadband boasts a diverse workforce committed to excellence. The company takes pride in its employees' expertise and their collective contribution to its success.


Cajun Broadband offers a range of services, including high-speed internet, digital TV, and voice communication solutions. The company's product portfolio is designed to meet the evolving needs of both residential and business customers.

Official Social Media:

Stay connected with Cajun Broadband through their official social media channels:

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Careers and Job Opportunities:

Explore exciting career opportunities at Cajun Broadband by visiting their?careers page? Join a dynamic team that is shaping the future of connectivity.

Cajun Broadband's journey is marked by a commitment to technological excellence, customer satisfaction, and community connectivity. As a leading player in the telecommunications industry, the company continues to innovate, providing reliable services and fostering digital inclusion across the region.

Cajun Broadband Reviews & Ratings ? What Employees and Clients Think and Say ?

Google Reviews:

Cajun Broadband has a 2.6 out of 5 star rating on Google Reviews, based on 18 reviews. Most of the negative reviews mention slow speeds, frequent outages, and poor customer service. Some positive reviews mention affordable prices and friendly customer service.

Trustpilot Reviews:

Cajun Broadband has a 3.2 out of 5 star rating on Trustpilot, based on 7 reviews. Most of the reviews are positive, mentioning reliable speeds, affordable prices, and friendly customer service. Some negative reviews mention slow speeds and occasional outages.

Glassdoor Reviews:

Cajun Broadband has a 2.3 out of 5 star rating on Glassdoor, based on 4 reviews. Most of the reviews are negative, mentioning low pay, poor management, and a lack of communication. Some positive reviews mention a good work-life balance and the opportunity to learn new skills.

Yelp Reviews:

Cajun Broadband has a 1 out of 5 star rating on Yelp, based on 1 review. The review mentions slow speeds and poor customer service.

Sitejabber Reviews:

Cajun Broadband has a 2.5 out of 5 star rating on Sitejabber, based on 2 reviews. One review is positive and mentions reliable speeds, while the other review is negative and mentions slow speeds and poor customer service.

Overall, Cajun Broadband has mixed reviews. Some customers are happy with the company's prices and customer service, while others are unhappy with the company's slow speeds and frequent outages.

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