Where to Find Trending Recipes on YouTube

We will explore the world of YouTube cooking channels and show you where to find the Trending Recipes on YouTube.

Where to Find Trending Recipes on YouTube

In the digital age, YouTube has become a culinary paradise for food enthusiasts, home cooks, and professional chefs alike. With a vast library of cooking channels and millions of food-related videos, YouTube is the go-to platform for discovering trending recipes, culinary inspiration, and cooking techniques. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the world of YouTube cooking channels and show you where to find the Trending Recipes on YouTube.

Why Trending Recipes on YouTube?

Before we dive into where to find trending recipes on YouTube, let's explore why YouTube has become such a popular platform for culinary inspiration:

1. Visual Learning: YouTube offers a visual learning experience, making it easier to follow along with complex cooking techniques and presentations.

2. Diverse Content: YouTube caters to a diverse range of tastes and cuisines. Whether you're into gourmet cooking, vegan recipes, or quick weeknight dinners, you'll find it all.

3. Interactive Community: Many YouTube cooking channels foster a sense of community by engaging with viewers through comments and live chats during cooking demonstrations.

4. Accessibility: YouTube is accessible on various devices, making it convenient for home cooks to access recipes while in the kitchen.

5. Regular Updates: Cooking channels on YouTube often upload new content regularly, ensuring that you can always discover fresh and trending recipes.

Now that we understand why YouTube is the go-to platform for foodies, let's explore where to find the hottest recipes:

Tasty Trending Recipes on YouTube

Tasty is one of the most popular and trend-setting cooking channels on YouTube. Known for its visually appealing and easy-to-follow recipe videos, Tasty covers a wide range of culinary topics. From quick dinner ideas to intricate baking projects, Tasty has it all. The channel often features trending recipes inspired by viral food trends and challenges.

Bon App?tit

Bon App?tit is the YouTube extension of the renowned food and cooking magazine. The channel offers a mix of cooking tutorials, chef interviews, and kitchen experiments. The "Test Kitchen" series, in which chefs try to recreate popular dishes, has become a fan favorite and a source of trending recipes.

Food Network Trending Recipes on YouTube

Food Network is the digital counterpart of the popular TV network, bringing celebrity chefs and their recipes to your screen. Whether it's Ina Garten's classic roast chicken or Bobby Flay's grilling tips, Food Network has a vast library of trending recipes and cooking inspiration.

Laura in the Kitchen

Laura in the Kitchen is the channel of Laura Vitale, a passionate home cook. Her down-to-earth approach to cooking and her wide range of recipes, from Italian classics to American comfort food, have garnered a dedicated following. Laura regularly shares trending recipes and cooking tips with her audience.


Maangchi is the queen of Korean cuisine on YouTube. Her channel is a treasure trove of authentic Korean recipes, including trending dishes like kimchi, bulgogi, and spicy rice cakes. Maangchi's charming personality and detailed tutorials make Korean cooking accessible to all.

Tasty Vegetarian

Tasty Vegetarian is a spin-off channel from Tasty, focusing exclusively on vegetarian and vegan recipes. If you're interested in plant-based cooking and trending vegetarian dishes, this channel offers a variety of options.

Epicurious Trending Recipes on YouTube

Epicurious is another extension of a renowned food magazine, offering a wide range of trending recipes and cooking tips. The "4 Levels" series, in which chefs of different expertise levels recreate a dish, is a particularly engaging and educational series.

Alex French Guy Cooking

Alex French Guy Cooking is the channel of Alex, a passionate home cook with a scientific approach to food. He explores trending recipes and culinary experiments while explaining the science behind cooking techniques. If you're curious about the "why" behind recipes, this channel is for you.

Cupcake Jemma

Cupcake Jemma is a channel dedicated to the art of baking and cake decorating. Jemma shares trending recipes for delectable cupcakes, cakes, and pastries, along with her expert tips on achieving bakery-quality results at home.

Pro Home Cooks

Pro Home Cooks is the channel of Mike, a professional chef turned home cook. He demystifies restaurant-level techniques and shares trending recipes that you can recreate in your own kitchen. His focus on the science of cooking is both informative and inspiring.

Joshua Weissman Trending Recipes on YouTube

Joshua Weissman is a chef and author who's on a mission to recreate popular fast-food dishes and trending recipes with a gourmet twist. His channel offers a fresh take on familiar favorites and encourages viewers to elevate their home cooking.


SortedFood is a group of friends from the UK who share their culinary adventures and trending recipes. Their videos often involve friendly cooking challenges and experiments, making cooking an entertaining and collaborative experience.

Tasty Desserts

Tasty Desserts is another delightful channel from the Tasty family, focusing solely on sweet treats. If you're in the mood for trending dessert recipes, from decadent chocolate creations to fruity delights, this channel will satisfy your cravings.

Marion's Kitchen

Marion's Kitchen offers a delicious journey through Asian cuisine. Marion Grasby, a former MasterChef Australia contestant, shares her passion for Asian flavors and trending recipes with easy-to-follow tutorials.

Tabitha Brown

Tabitha Brown is known for her warm and engaging cooking videos. She specializes in plant-based and vegan recipes, making it easy for viewers to embrace a healthier and more compassionate way of cooking.

The Vegan View Trending Recipes on YouTube

The Vegan View is a channel dedicated to vegan recipes, lifestyle, and trending plant-based dishes. The hosts share their favorite vegan finds and cooking tips, making veganism accessible and enjoyable.

Hot Thai Kitchen

Hot Thai Kitchen is the channel of Pailin Chongchitnant, a Thai chef and cookbook author. She brings the flavors of Thailand to your kitchen with authentic recipes and cooking techniques.

Adam Ragusea

Adam Ragusea is a chef and journalist who takes a deep dive into the world of food and cooking. His videos cover trending recipes, food science, and practical cooking advice.


AlmazanKitchen is a channel like no other, focusing on outdoor cooking and using traditional techniques. The hosts cook in picturesque natural settings, creating visually stunning and mouthwatering dishes.

Brothers Green Eats Trending Recipes on YouTube

Brothers Green Eats is the channel of brothers Mike and Josh Greenfield, who explore budget-friendly cooking, trending recipes, and creative culinary experiments.

Helen's Recipes (Vietnamese Food)

Helen's Recipes is a channel dedicated to Vietnamese cuisine. Helen shares her passion for Vietnamese flavors, offering trending recipes for pho, spring rolls, and other Vietnamese classics.

A World of Culinary Inspiration

YouTube has democratized culinary education and inspiration, bringing the expertise of chefs and home cooks from around the world to your screen. Whether you're seeking trending recipes, cooking techniques, or cultural insights, YouTube has a channel for every culinary curiosity. So, roll up your sleeves, grab your apron, and embark on a gastronomic journey through the vibrant world of YouTube cooking channels. Your next delicious creation awaits!

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